Bryan Alexander Provides Insight on Digital Humanities and New Ways to Learn

Confusion spread across the sea of students, faculty and community members of the audience Wednesday, March 6, when Dr. Bryan Alexander pulled out his phone and said, “Make an expression that you think describes digital humanities.” That photo instantly went on Instagram.

Alexandar, senior at the National Institute for Technology in Liberal Education (, spoke about Digital Humanities and the different tools that people could use when learning about the subject. Some tools he talked about included, comment press and ngrams. Alexandar spoke of how technology was always changing while adding new on top of the old. Questions arose about the differences between the digital and the physical worlds. One instance was whether physical books and newspapers would cease to exist because eBooks and online news are cheaper to access. The question of online classrooms also occurred from the same context – if it’s more readily available and cheaper, will the physical campus be lost? To both of these questions, Alexander said not to worry because these are only dying down, not dying off.

Favorite quote of the night:

Digital Humanities might make the humanities come back to life and become more vibrant.

To find out more, here is a link to my Storify of the event.


One thought on “Bryan Alexander Provides Insight on Digital Humanities and New Ways to Learn

  1. Merissa, the Storify looks pretty good. You included some relevant information, and you did well linking off to the sites and projects he described. That was important. Everything flows pretty well there, too. Try to remove yourself a bit more from the story, though. There’s still a bunch of first person, and you want to continue to avoid that as much as possible. Also, make sure you edit your Storify more carefully. As for the text on the blog, the nut graf is still a bit vague. You sort of describe the different discussion points, but you don’t really tell readers the overall thrust of the speech in specific detail. You also need to do a bit more editing up there. And don’t introduce the quote with “Favorite quote of the night.” Just use the quote. But the Storify was pretty nicely constructed.

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